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Children and Families

Support when it’s needed most to help children grow up and develop.

The objective of the ABLV Charitable Foundation’s “Children and Families” field is to help to improve the well-being and successful social integration of children and their families with the help of donations. Every year at Christmas the Foundation organises a donation campaign, during which ABLV Bank’s employees and clients, as well as other members of society are invited to make donations. Donations can be made throughout the year.

The “Children and Families” field is comprised of 4 programmes: “Let’s Help Them to Hear!”, “Let’s Help Them to Grow Up!”, “Let’s Help the Victims of 21.11” and “Let's Help Sergejs' Family”:

  1. Under the auspices of the “Let’s Help Them to Hear!” programme, donated funds are used to gift multi-channel digital hearing aids to the children of families, whose parents cannot afford to buy them;
  2. Under the auspices of the “Let’s Help Them to Grow Up!” programme, donated funds are used to make it possible for children from poor and vulnerable families, children with long-term illnesses, as well as children from families at social risk to attend educational and creative camps; 
  3. Under the auspices of the programme “Let’s Help the Victims of 21.11”, support is provided to the families of the victims of the disaster that occurred on 21 November 2013 at Zolitude, and to their children in particular;
  4. Under the auspices of the programme "Let's Help Sergejs' Family", support is provided to a family which has not only lost a husband and father, but also its sole provider.

Within this particular field, the Foundation may additionally support other initiatives, which have been approved at meetings of the Foundation's Board and correspond with the Foundation's goals.

For more information about receiving support from the ABLV Charitable Foundation, please study each programme's overview separately.

Since the “Children and Families” programmes were launched, ABLV Charitable Foundation has invested EUR 1,153,863 in projects supporting children and families.

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