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Creating the opportunity to learn means opening doors to a new vision of the world.

The ABLV Charitable Foundation’s “Education” field is primarily concerned with the provision of consultative and financial support to educational programmes under the auspices of contemporary art exhibitions, events and research. The primary objective of the field is to facilitate the development of high quality educational projects in Latvia, thus nurturing the understanding of the potential audience of the Latvian Museum of Contemporary Art (LMCA), its interest in contemporary art and the various ways in which it can be understood.

The “Education” field is comprised of two programmes: “Educational Projects with Cultural Content” and “Cultural Journalism”:

  1. The objective of the programme “Educational Projects with Cultural Content” is to support professional educational projects that facilitate each individual’s understanding of culture, contemporary art and his or her place therein;
  2. The objective of the programme “Cultural Journalism” is to provide support for cultural journalism with quality content, i.e. for the publishing of interviews, collections of articles, publications and volumes.

For more information about receiving support from the ABLV Charitable Foundation, please study each programme's overview separately.

Overall, to date, we have supported 18 educational projects, investing a total sum of EUR 317,807 and will continue to support the development of this field in Latvia in future.

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