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Urban Environment

The opportunity to live in a safe and orderly environment.

The objective of the “Urban Environment” field is to facilitate the regeneration of the City of Riga through the development of new construction projects of public significance and the installation of their adjacent grounds, promoting the creation of an aesthetic cultural environment and giving the public the chance to live in a safe and orderly environment.

Currently the “Urban Environment” field is comprised of one programme: “New Riga”, under the auspices of which it promotes the Foundation’s operational goals in Latvia and overseas, attracts funding on a broad scale, including donations in the form of monies and gifts of property (goods) and collaborates with State and municipal bodies, as well as other organisations, including other societies and foundations in the realisation of the Foundation’s programme. With the funds available to the Foundation, it participates in the landscaping and regeneration of the City of Riga, giving precedence to projects implemented in Central Riga. With the funds available to the Foundation, it supports cultural and arts events (museums, exhibitions), provides assistance to measures aimed at creating a cultural environment, giving precedence to the operation of the Foundation of the Latvian Museum of Contemporary Art and to the creation and preservation of other cultural-historical legacies.

For more information about receiving support from the ABLV Charitable Foundation, please study the “New Riga” programme overview.

Since the “Urban Environment” field was launched, ABLV Charitable Foundation has invested EUR 1,420,334 in projects supporting urban environment.

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