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Philanthropists projects

The objective of the ABLV Charitable Foundation’s “Philanthropists Projects” field is to implement the core values of the Foundation’s founders in practice, to encourage entrepreneurs to take responsibility for society and the environment, and to support creative people and outstanding organisations that invest effort and knowledge in order to achieve universally important goals – to create a united, prosperous and safe society.

Programmes implemented under the auspices of this field will be supported from the personal funds of the founders’ families, family or affiliated companies or organisations on the basis of a donation agreement.

Under the auspices of the “Philanthropists Projects” field, the programme named “Future” is currently being implemented, which is Ernests Bernis’ family charitable programme, providing support for various initiatives in the realm of charitable activity in accordance with the goals specified in the ABLV Charitable Foundation’s terms and conditions.

You can find out more about opportunities to receive support in the overview of the programme “Future”.

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