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Let’s Help Them to Grow Up!

The Foundation supports the participation in summer camps of children from impoverished families or those subject to social risk, as well as that of children with special needs.

Programme Objective

The objective of the “Let’s Help Them to Grow Up!” programme is to encourage the development and social integration of socially vulnerable children, providing support to children from poor and vulnerable families, their parents and children with long-term illnesses, as well as families at social risk throughout Latvia to attend developmental and education day and overnight camps. The Foundation may allocate part of the programme budget as it deems appropriate to activities that facilitate the attainment of the programme’s objectives.

Programme Target Audience

In accordance with the set procedures, the Foundation’s support may be applied for by societies, foundations, youth centres or other camp organisers registered in Latvia whose activity is not-for-profit. Commercial enterprises cannot apply for support.

Attracting Funds

Donations for the “Let’s Help Them to Grow Up!” programme are attracted throughout the year, specifying that the donation is intended for the Let’s Help Them to Grow Up programme in the payment objective. In addition, every year the Foundation organises a Christmas Charitable Campaign during which ABLV Charitable Foundation from its reserves adds at least one euro to each euro received during the campaign. During the Christmas Campaign, ABLV Bank employees, clients and members of the general public, who have received information about the campaign and wish to support it, are invited to make donations. Every quarter, the Foundation collates information about donations received, as well as the work done under the auspices of the programme, and publishes it in the section of its homepage: www.ablv.org devoted to the programme “Let’s Help Them to Grow Up!”.
In light of the fact that the Foundation has been awarded the status of a public benefit organisation, residents of the Republic of Latvia who make donations to the “Let’s Help Them to Grow Up!” programme are entitled to receive tax relief.

Funding Applications

On its homepage: www.ablv.org, the Foundation will announce a competition for camp organisers-partners, publishing its terms and conditions. In accordance with the competition procedures, partner organisations will be chosen in the form of societies, foundations, children’s and youth centres or other camp organisers, but not commercial enterprises. The chosen partner organisations will receive co-financing to facilitate the participation of the target group at the camp organised by the partner organisation. Main criteria for the selection partners:

  • Experience in the organisation of camps;
  • A content-filled camp programme, based on the competition’s terms and conditions announced by the Foundation;
  • Independent selection of the target group;
  • Proven skills in attracting co-financing;
  • A flawless reputation.

Decision-Making on whether or not to Award Funding

All applications received, which conform to the criteria laid down in the competition’s terms and conditions will be reviewed at a meeting of the Foundation’s Board. During the review of applications, a decision will be made on the possibility of collaboration, co-financing, its amount for the current year, as well as the length of the collaboration, in the event that the competition’s terms and conditions stipulate the possibility to conclude an agreement for more than 1 (one) calendar year. After the Board meeting, competition winner will be notified within one week by calling the phone number specified in the application or by e-mail.

In addition to grants for organising camps, the Foundation also provides support for raising the qualifications of camp managers and teachers, as well as for the diversification of the content of camps.

We invite you to donate to the programme “LET’S HELP THEM TO GROW UP!”

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