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Support for the Formation of the LMCA Collection

The Foundation supports the establishment of the Latvian Museum of Contemporary Art, helping to form its collection and facilitating public accessibility and appreciation of contemporary art.

Programme objective

Under the auspices of the “Support for the Formation of the LMCA Collection” programme, the Foundation administers and supports the acquisition of works for the collection of the nascent Latvian Museum of Contemporary Art (LMCA). A logical continuation of this collaboration is the establishment of the Foundation of the Latvian Museum of Contemporary Art (FLMCA) and the memorandum of intent signed on 30 October 2014 between the newly-established foundation and the LR Ministry of Culture regarding the construction of the museum. It is planned that the new museum will open its doors to visitors in 2021.

Programme target audience

As part of the work forming the contemporary art collection, much consideration has been given to the visitors of the nascent museum, with the aim of addressing all sections and age groups of the public. It is also important that the museum’s collection testifies to a versatile and professionally appraised reflection and documentation of the contemporary art scene, which not only serves as a platform for the creative activities of today, but also as an investment for the benefit of society in future.


This programme is financed by ABLV Bank, on the basis of the mutual agreement between ABLV Bank and the ABLV Charitable Foundation. A report on the work done is updated once every quarter and is not published on the Foundation's homepage.

Operating directions

This programme operates in several directions:

  1. Provides support for the formation of the LMCA collection, carrying out administrative work related to the acquisition of works for the collection;
  2. Provides support for the work of the International Committee of Experts of the LMCA, which decides on the inclusion of works of art in the future LMCA collection;
  3. Facilitates public access to the planned collection of the nascent LMCA, including by making recommendations regarding lending works from the nascent museum’s collection for exhibitions organised by other institutions.
    In 2014, an interactive version of the exhibition “...for an occurrence to become an adventure...” was created in the form of a 360 degree virtual tour of the exhibition, giving the general public its first opportunity to acquaint itself with a sizable selection of works from the collection of the nascent LMCA. The interactive exhibition can be viewed in Latvian, Russian and English on the Foundation’s homepage by clicking the following link: http://virtuala-ture.ablv.org/index-en.html.

Programme News