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Educational Projects with Cultural Content

Everyone has the opportunity to actively engage in the creation of culture.

Programme Objective

The objective of the “Education” operating field programme “Educational Projects with Cultural Content” is to facilitate public understanding of contemporary art, its contents and form.
With the assistance of the programme, we wish to encourage understanding among pre-school, kindergarten and school age children about the museum as an exciting and stimulating environment for development. We also wish to build the capacity for cultural participation in the attainment of general education, promoting the attainment of quality art education, as well as promoting a new concept of future-oriented museum works. We further wish to support the development and creation of educational games, as well as the organisation of discussions, guest lectures, seminars, practical activities for students, sector specialists and all interested members of the general public. Special emphasis is placed on school age children, as well as on toddlers, their parents and the simple passer-by. The programme is also geared towards students, teachers, museum educators, games creators and organisers of guest lectures.

Programme Target Audience

Applications for support from the Foundation can be made by any society, foundation, municipality, municipal institution or municipal agency whose activity is not-for-profit, as well as by a governmental body or governmental agency registered in Latvia whose activity is not-for-profit. Commercial enterprises cannot apply for support.

Attracting Funds

Donations for this programme are attracted throughout the year, specifying that the donation is intended for the Educational Projects with Cultural Content programme in the payment objective. Information about the work done under the auspices of this programme is available to the public in the programme’s “Educational Projects with Cultural Content” section of the Foundation's homepage. Reports are updated once quarterly.
In light of the fact that the Foundation has been awarded the status of a public benefit organisation, residents of the Republic of Latvia who make donations to this programme are entitled to receive tax relief.

Collaboration opportunities and Forms of Project Financing

This programme offers two types of collaboration opportunities:

  1. Under the auspices of the grant competition
    Applications for support from the ABLV Charitable Foundation for educational projects may be submitted once a year under the auspices of the contemporary art grant competition, in accordance with the relevant terms and conditions. During the second half of each year, a competition is organised for the awarding of support to the following year's projects. The grant competition’s terms and conditions, electronic application and budget forms are only available on the Foundation’s homepage during the timeframe of the grant competition. Applicants fill in application forms (content and budget) in Latvian, containing a description of the course of the project, as well as its goals, implementation timeframe, planned financing and brief information about the organisation represented. Support can be provided to various types of educational projects run under the auspices of art exhibitions to which the Foundation had decided to award financial support under the grant competition programme "Support for Contemporary Art Exhibitions", increasing the financing awarded to the exhibition by another 25% to directly support these educational activities. Supported projects must take place in Latvia and thus facilitate the development of contemporary art in Latvia. 
  2. At the Foundation’s invitation
    In accordance with the Foundation’s goals and planned budget in the relevant year, the Foundation’s representatives will approach potential collaboration partners, offering financial support for the development and execution of a joint project.

Information about the work done under the auspices of this programme is available to the public in the programme’s "Educational Projects with a Cultural Content” section of the Foundation's homepage: www.ablv.org. Reports are updated once quarterly.

Decision-Making on whether or not to Award Funding

  1. Applications received during the grant competition, which conform to its terms and conditions as well as the strategic goals of the programme "Educational Projects with a Cultural Content", will be reviewed at a meeting of the Foundation’s Board at which a decision will be made regarding the possibilities of providing support.
    Decision-making is dependent on the project’s contents and financial section, as well as its conformity to the grant competition’s terms and conditions and the Foundation’s capacity to provide support. The Foundation retains the right to provide only partial support for the project out of the funds applied for in the application, or to choose to support only individual items in the overall budget estimate, or to decline to award funding for the project.
    A reply will be sent to the project applicant electronically to his specified e-mail address within one week of the decision being made. 
  2. Collaboration partners approached by the Foundation will be allocated a budget for the implementation of the respective project at a meeting of the Foundation’s Board.

Programme News