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Let’s Help the Victims of 21.11

ABLV Charitable Foundation is providing long-term support to the families of victims of the tragedy that occurred on 21 November 2013 in Zolitude, primarily to the children of these families.

Programme Objective

On 21 November 2013 in Zolitude, Riga, the roof of a “Maxima” supermarket collapsed resulting in a tragedy that has been recognised as one of the biggest technogenous disasters in the history of Latvia. In order to collection donation for the support of the victims, ABLV Charitable Foundation decided to launch a special programme “Let’s Help the Victims of 21.11”.
The objective of the programme is to provide long-term support to children from families of victims of the tragedy: to facilitate their professional education, to cover services related to the children’s out-out-of-school activities, as well as other needs, which will not be supported in full from other sources of funding, or which will not be financed to the degree necessary.

Programme Target Audience

Support is intended for children born prior to the tragedy from families in which one or both parents (including foster parents) died, or in which one of the parents was either quite seriously or critically injured. Other applications will also be considered with each case being assessed individually.

Attracting Funds

The initial financing was obtained from the Christmas Charitable Campaign organised by the Foundation in 2013/2014, in which ABLV Bank’s employees and clients were invited to make donations, along with everyone else who wished to support the objective of the charitable project “Let’s Help the Victims of 21.11”. Currently, funds are no longer being actively sought for the programme, but donations can still be made to it.
Every quarter, the Foundation collates information about the donations received, as well as the work done under the auspices of the programme, and publishes it in the section of its homepage devoted to the “Let’s Help the Victims of 21.11” programme.
In light of the fact that the Foundation has been awarded the status of a public benefit organisation, residents of the Republic of Latvia who make donations to the “Let’s Help the Victims of 21.11” programme are entitled to receive tax relief.

Funding Applications

The Foundation will consider providing assistance to young people, who at the time of the submission of their application for support are no more than 21 years old, or to children up to 18 years of age, whose application is accompanied by a written attestation from their lawful guardian. The following costs may be covered, in accordance with the respective set limits: 

  • Foreign language teaching course. The limit for a single group activity course is up to 80% of the full price of the course, but not exceeding EUR 400 (not incl. VAT). During a single calendar year, applicants can receive funding for the completion of one course;
  • Driver qualification training. The limit per person, taking a course of driving lessons in any category, except for Category A, is up to 80% of the full price of the training course, but not exceeding EUR 400 (not incl. VAT);
  • Completion of a higher education programme in Latvia. The set limit for one (each) year of study is up to EUR 5,000 (not incl. VAT) and is intended to cover study fees only. Applicants are expected to have the average grade 7.5 points as a minimum in order to qualify for the coverage of study fees. The study fee payment process is administered in collaboration with the “Vītolu fonds” foundation;
  • Student grant. Starting from the second year onwards, applicants, who are studying successfully at a higher education institution in Latvia, have the opportunity to receive a study grant. Applicants may apply for a monthly grant not exceeding EUR 140 per month if they have average grades starting from 7.0 upwards. This grant can be received during the course of the academic year. Each application will be considered on an individual basis. The grant payment process is administered in collaboration with the “Vītolu fonds” foundation.
  • Up to EUR 500 per person per calendar year - to support extracurricular interest groups.

The Foundation’s Board is entitled to make individual decisions resulting in departures from the aforementioned limits or the provision of support for another means of assistance that is not described above, but which is related to professional growth.

Decision-Making on whether or not to Award Funding

In order to receive support from the Foundation, applicants have to fill in the application form, which can be found on the Foundation’s homepage under the section “How to receive financing”. Applications for the receipt of support may be submitted indefinitely, as long as programme has the necessary funding available.
The Foundation does not provide support by transferring money to the applicant for support. Instead, it pays for specific services, in accordance with the agreement concluded between the service provider and the Foundation. This condition does not apply to grants.
All applications will be reviewed by the Foundation, taking into consideration the amount of funding available at the time, a decision will be made regarding the Foundation’s means of supporting each application. After a decision has been made, applicants will be notified of the decision on the provision of support within one week. The programme will exist until the complete expenditure of its budget.

We invite you to donate to the programme “LET’S HELP THE VICTIMS OF 21.11”

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