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New Riga

Programme Objective

The objective of the “New Riga” programme, which is being implemented in the field of the “Urban Environment”, is to facilitate the regeneration of the City of Riga, the development of new construction projects of public significance and the installation of their adjacent grounds, giving the public the chance to live in a safe and orderly environment.
In accordance with Riga City Council’s long-term territorial planning strategy until 2030, it is also the council’s overriding goal to improve the quality of life of the city’s residents, transforming the city into a diverse environment with high-quality public greenery infrastructure in the form of rings of boulevards, parks and vibrant streets. In the new city strategy, the main focus is devoted to the preservation and development of the central urban environment. In collaboration with real estate owners, small projects aimed at creating an attractive environment are worthy of support – on the scale of a quarter, courtyard, street or street’s section.
A second strategic goal of the “New Riga” programme, as stipulated in the 3rd action direction “Developing Riga as a Cultural Metropolis and Promoting its Positive Impact” of Sub-Section 5.4.6 “Tasks and Activities to be Carried Out Under the Auspices of Prior Action Directions” of Section 5.4 “Creative Territories and the Availability of Cultural Services” of the Basic Cultural Policy Guidelines “Creative Latvia” for the Period from 2014-2020 (approved with Cabinet of Minister Decree No.401 of 29 July 2014), is to facilitate the creation of the City of Riga's cultural environment, placing the main focus on the formation of infrastructure in Riga with cultural-historical value, for the preservation and renewal of cultural-historical heritage, and ensuring the accessibility of cultural objects.

Under the auspices of the “New Riga” programme, the Foundation carries out the following tasks:

  • It promotes the Foundation’s operational goals in Latvia and overseas;
  • It attracts funding on a broad scale, including donations in the form of monies and gifts of property (goods);
  • It collaborates with State and municipal bodies, as well as other organisations, including other societies and foundations in the realisation of the Foundation’s programme;
  • With the funds available to the Foundation, it participates in the landscaping and regeneration of the City of Riga, giving precedence to projects implemented in Central Riga;
  • With the funds available to the Foundation, it supports cultural and arts events (museums, exhibitions), provides assistance to measures aimed at creating a cultural environment, giving precedence to the operation of the Foundation of the Latvian Museum of Contemporary Art and to the creation and preservation of other cultural-historical legacies. 

Programme Target Audience

  1. The Foundation of the Latvian Museum of Contemporary Art and other non-governmental organisations, whose operational goals conform to this programme.
  2. The Foundation may implement the project for the regeneration of the City of Riga itself; in addition to this, financing may be sought by societies of apartment owners and companies of apartment owner cooperatives, as well as State and municipal bodies, which, taking into account the special characteristics and advantages of their neighbourhood, as well as needs of the population target group, wish to improve and regenerate the territory in their immediate vicinity. The Foundation will accept and review project applications which correspond to Riga's sustainable development strategy until 2030 and Riga’s development programme for the period from 2014-2020.

Attracting Funds

Donations for the programme are attracted throughout the year, specifying that the donation is intended for the “New Riga” programme in the payment objective. Every quarter, the Foundation collates information about donations received, as well as the results achieved under the auspices of the programme and publishes it in the Foundation’s homepage: www.ablv.org section dedicated to the “New Riga” programme.
In light of the fact that the Foundation has been awarded the status of a public benefit organisation, residents of the Republic of Latvia who make donations to the “New Riga” programme are entitled to receive tax relief.

Funding Applications

Allocation of funding will be considered on the basis of a motivated application or participation in a competition for the receipt of funding, if such is announced by the Foundation.
In order to aspire to funding for projects that are related to the regeneration of the City of Riga; in addition to the aforementioned motivated application, the applicant must fill in application forms (content and budget), containing a description of the course of the project, as well as its goals, implementation timeframe, planned financing and brief information about the organisation represented. The Foundation can provide partial support for the implementation of the project on condition that the project is also co-financed by another body.

Decision-Making on whether or not to Award Funding

Each application will be reviewed at a meeting of the Foundation's Board, which will decide on the possibility of providing funding for each project.
Decision-making is dependent on the contents of the project and its compatibility with the goals of the “New Riga” programme, as well as the financing sum sought. The Foundation retains the right to provide only partial support for the project out of the funds applied for in the application, or to choose to support only individual items in the overall budget estimate, or to decline to award funding for the project.
A reply will be sent to the project applicant electronically to his specified e-mail address within one week of the decision being made.

We invite donations to the programme "NEW RIGA"

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