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Cultural Journalism

A reflection of the life of art and culture.

Programme Objective

The objective of the “Education” operating field “Cultural Journalism” programme is to support quality cultural media activities that stimulate public interest in the contemporary art scene, placing particular emphasis on publications that demonstrate the potential of contemporary art to inspire the mind at play, self-reflection and social dialogue. The nature of the programme is determined by ABLV Charitable Foundation’s participation in the privately funded initiative that has undertaken to build the Latvian Museum of Contemporary Art (LMCA) in Riga by 2021.
The programme focuses on journalistic projects that not only reach a wide target audience, but also share the ability to inspire curiosity about the latest developments within the contemporary art scene in Latvia and overseas, as well as to explain the role of the contemporary museum in the formation of an open society. In order to make the projects supported within this programme accessible to the widest possible public audience, the majority of them are also available online free of charge.

Programme Target Audience

Applications for support from the Foundation can be made by any society, foundation, municipality, municipal institution or municipal agency whose activity is not-for-profit, as well as by a governmental body or governmental agency registered in Latvia whose activity is not-for-profit. Commercial enterprises cannot apply for support.

Attracting Funds

Donations for this programme are attracted throughout the year, specifying that the donation is intended for the Cultural Journalism programme in the payment objective. Information about the work done under the auspices of this programme is available to the public in the programme’s “Cultural Journalism” section of the Foundation's homepage. Reports are updated once quarterly.
In light of the fact that the Foundation has been awarded the status of a public benefit organisation, residents of the Republic of Latvia who make donations to this programme are entitled to receive tax relief.

Funding Applications

In order to aspire to funding for projects, in addition to a motivated application, the applicant must fill in application forms (content and budget) in Latvian, containing a description of the course of the project, as well as its goals, implementation timeframe, planned financing and brief information about the organisation represented. The Foundation can provide partial support for the implementation of the project on condition that the project is also co-financed by another body.

Decision-Making on whether or not to Award Funding

Each application will be reviewed at a meeting of the Foundation's Board, which will decide on the possibility of providing funding for each project individually.
Decision-making is dependent on the contents of the project and its compatibility with the strategic goals of the “Cultural Journalism” programme, as well as the financing sum sought. The Foundation retains the right to provide only partial support for the project out of the funds applied for in the application, or to choose to support only individual items in the overall budget estimate, or to decline to award funding for the project.
A reply will be sent to the project applicant electronically to his specified e-mail address within one week of the decision being made. 

We invite donations to the programme "Cultural Journalism"

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