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Programme Objective

The goal of the programme is to support creative people and public, educational and outstanding organisations that invest effort and knowledge in order to achieve universally important goals – to create a united, abundant and safe society.

Programme Target Audience

Support provided under this programme is intended for various types of audiences in Latvia, including children.

Attracting Funds

The programme is a personal initiative on the part of Ernests Bernis’ family; therefore funds will be raised privately from the family or affiliated companies or organisations on the basis of a donation agreement. The Foundation is entitled to decline a donation that does not conform to the programme’s goal and target audience by returning it to the donor. Every year, the Foundation collates information about the work done under the auspices of the programme and publishes it on its homepage in the section dedicated to the “Future” programme.

Decision-Making on whether or not to Award Funding

Ernests Bernis’ family will assess the possibility of providing support as it deems appropriate, in accordance with the Foundation’s charitable initiatives and evaluating the relevance and necessity of the project and the amount of funding involved. Afterwards, projects will be reviewed at a meeting of the Foundation's Board. Ernests Bernis’ family and the Foundation’s Board are entitled to make individual decisions or personally contact the parties potentially involved in the implementation of projects.
Having reviewed the application, a decision will be made on possible collaboration, co-financing and the amount thereof, as well as regarding the duration of collaboration in the event that it is decided to conclude an agreement for over one calendar year. Project applicants will receive an answer within one week of a decision being made in the form of a phone call to the number specified in the application or by way of notification by e-mail.