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About the foundation

ABLV Charitable Foundation is a charitable foundation whose operating goal is to encourage the responsibility of business and society as a whole towards fellow citizens and the environment.

The ABLV Charitable Foundation was established in 2006 by the ABLV Bank shareholders Ernests Bernis and Olegs Fils with a view of implementing into practice their own core values and encouraging the social and environmental responsibility of businesses. The Foundation operates as the key partner of ABLV Bank in the charity area, by supporting creative people and outstanding organisations that invest their efforts and knowledge to achieve goals of importance to society as a whole — to form an affluent, united and safe society. Since the establishment of the Foundation, it has focused its attention on contemporary art, the wellbeing of children and adolescents, education and the development of civic society, as well as it is a co-founder of the nascent Latvian Museum of Contemporary Art.

Currently, ABLV Charitable Foundation operates in 5 fields: "Children and Families", "Contemporary Art", "Education", "Urban Environment" and "Philanthropists Projects".

Over the past years the Foundation has supported 350 charitable and cultural projects, donating almost EUR 5 million to them, including:

  • projects in support of "Children and Families": EUR 1,426,539;
  • projects in support of "Contemporary Art": EUR 852,741;
  • projects in support of "Education": EUR 422,642;
  • projects in support of "Urban Environment": EUR 1,420,334;
  • projects in support of "Philanthropists Projects": EUR 134,984;
  • projects in support of other initiatives: EUR 613,051.

We are grateful to every one of donors and cooperation partners for the resources and energy that they have invested during the years we have worked together to make Latvia a better place in which to grow and develop, learn and be inspired, create and improve!



Ernests Bernis

"Only successful and profitable companies have the honour of donating funds to projects of public importance. Bankers – in other words, people who are expert in financial matters – well know that finances are a means with which to scale summits in both a direct and indirect sense. I am convinced that ABLV Charitable Foundation will make an important contribution to the development of society and will be a partner in many initiatives serving the public good." 


Oļegs Fiļs

"In order to organise our work connected with social responsibility and philanthropy more successfully and effectively, we have taken a major step and established the first corporate charitable foundation in Latvia – the ABLV Charitable Foundation. With the Foundation’s help, we want to develop planned and goal-oriented support for charitable projects, as well as to separate charitable operations from our business – banking operations."