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February 11, 2018

Thank you to everyone who submitted interesting and highly professional project applications for ABLV Charitable Foundation’s annual grant competition for contemporary art exhibitions and their accompanying education projects. In 2018, under the auspices of the competition, the Foundation will support five projects, awarding them total co-financing in the amount of EUR 34,750.

To foster the interest of the general public in contemporary art as a source of inspiration, encouraging the mind to engage in creative play, and nurturing cultural competence; the ABLV Charitable Foundation has held its annual grant competition in which artists and art institutions can present their visions for contemporary art exhibitions and educational projects implemented under their auspices. The goal of the grant competition is to support the contemporary art scene in Latvia today and to introduce society to noteworthy processes and phenomena characteristic of contemporary art in the Baltic Sea region in total.

In creating the potential audience for the future Latvian Museum of Contemporary Art (LMCA), the ABLV Charitable Foundation is supporting the organising of professional contemporary art exhibitions of national importance, prioritising interdisciplinary and creative collaboration projects and exhibitions based on research, which reflect recent art history in Latvia. Now when we already know what the LMCA will look like in terms of its external appearance and construction of the building is about to begin, the museum’s contents are continually taking shape, and could well be augmented by works of art produced as of exhibitions supported by the Foundation. 

This year, co-financing will be received by:

1) Project “Riga Photomonth”
NGO “Riga Photomonth”
Funding awarded:
EUR 8,000 for organising the festival
EUR 2,000 for implementing an education project as part of the festival

2) Project “Portable Landscapes”
NGO “Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art”
Funding awarded:
EUR 8,000 for organising the exhibition

3) Project “Soft Homes”
NGO “Minus Plus”
Funding awarded:
EUR 3,000 for organising the exhibition

4) The Latvian International Ceramics Biennial Competition Exhibition “The Martinsons Prize”
NGO “Latvian Contemporary Ceramics Centre”
Funding awarded:
EUR 5,000 for organising the exhibition
EUR 1,250 for implementing an education project as part of the exhibition

5) Project “Riga Zine Festival”
NGO “Popper”
EUR 6,000 for organising the festival
EUR 1,500 for implementing an education project as part of the festival

To receive more detailed information about the aforementioned projects, please follow the news on ABLV Charitable Foundation’s homepage: www.ablv.org, as well as on social networks Facebook and Instagram.

We wish all those implementing the remaining projects success in attracting the funding they require and in the execution of their initiatives!

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